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It's not a crazy idea

It doesn’t matter:

  • If you can or can’t do Adho Mukha Vrksasana.
  • If you don’t even know what pose that is.
  • What you look like, your size, or shape.
  • What kind of fancy pants you wear.
  • If you’re fluent in Sanskrit or Spanish.

You can let the nagging doubts stop you. . .

no more doubts

Or you can take the leap like I did…

It doesn’t get any more regular than me, a Texas gal, wife, mom, and passionate yoga educator.

In 1999, I was where you are. I loved yoga and wanted to teach, but I couldn’t do all the postures. I didn’t bend and flex like others. I’m vertically challenged and have T-rex arms. I looked nothing like my yoga teacher or any of the other rock star teachers I’d met.

There were no yoga schools so I had to ask my teacher (someone I greatly admired) to mentor me. She probably wondered what I could bring to the table as a teacher, but I surprised us both.

That 5 minutes of telling my self-doubts to shove it led me to a life I could never have dreamed of. . .and I had plenty of people along the way telling me I was crazy.

When I went from yoga teacher to studio owner, I realized I needed additional teachers STAT. I took my love of yoga and combined it with my years of corporate training experience, and launched Purple Lotus Yoga in 2003.

I had 5 participants in my first session, and I truly thought after a couple of years, I’d have trained all the people who were interested in teaching yoga.

Today, Purple Lotus Yoga is the oldest, continuously run Yoga Alliance approved teacher training in north Texas. With more than 12,000 hours of teaching experience, I have mentored and certified an inspiring collective of yoga teachers.

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Some fun facts about me

about laid back shannon

I’m born and raised in Texas. Between my Southern roots and yoga background, I have a pretty laid-back approach to life.

about tea cup shannon

I’m the girl next door who loves iced tea, cheeseburgers, freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, and my rescue dog, Sookie.

about look sideways shannon

I believe yoga is more than black pants, green smoothies, and pretzel poses. It’s the original self-help program.

Now let me show how you easy it is to
pursue your dream of teaching.

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