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with the Yoga Sequence Society.

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With a safe, effective, and an easy-to-follow formula, you'll never scramble or waste hours putting another class together again.


Your sequences are fresh, new, and easily adapted to different class styles. Plus your students love the subtle lessons woven throughout.


Walk into your next class with soaring confidence knowing the class has structure, direction, and your personality sprinkled all over it.

🖤 Kind words from clients 🖤

I love the monthly themes!! They have made planning my classes a lot smoother!!
Thanks to Shannon I’m now a confident teacher and enjoy planning classes. This is an absolute brilliant service!
As a new teacher, I'm always looking for new ideas, new themes, new ways to put classes together and your materials are great.

Sequencing is one of the most important skills you can possess as a yoga teacher as it plays a crucial part in creating meaningful experiences. 

Successful sequencing: 

  1. Requires you to follow a logical progression to prevent injuries and clunky flows.
  2. Contains a balance of asanas like seated, standing, twists, forward and backbends.
  3. Addresses the different needs of your students and their different level of experience.
  4. Integrates a theme, intention, or philosophy in a meaningful way.

However sequencing is an area where most instructors still struggle or work harder than necessary when planning. 

Here’s why:

📿 Are you ready to say good-bye to your sequencing stress?

Let's go with YES (or maybe that's YSS).


Your secret weapon to QUICKLY and EFFORTLESSLY
plan stand-out yoga classes with CONFIDENCE and EASE,
all while building your community and transforming people’s lives.

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You get everything you need to teach
meaningful and transformative yoga classes FAST.

Monthly Themed Class

Done-for-you posture sequence tied into a specific theme released each month along with a practice video.

Variety of Scripts

Opening, closing, relaxation, and guided meditation scripts you can read as is or customize to fit your needs.

Library of Resources

An ever-growing resource library of lesson plans (themes, sequences, scripts), quotes, posture gallery, and templates.

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Check out everything that’s included in the YSS membership to make your life infinitely easier (and give you more energy) to change people’s lives through yoga.

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Themed Class

Receive a new themed class with a breakdown of the postures, class suggestions, and a practice video. ($200 value)



Receive a 2-4 minute opening and 5-10 minute closing script you can use as is or customize it to suit your needs. ($100 value)


Teaching Resources

Access to a growing library of themed classes + individual scripts, classes, quotes, and readings for endless variety.


Training Vault

Training you need to flex your confidence like sequencing, teaching + cuing postures and conducting guided meditations.


Printables Vault

Instant downloads and easily editable Canva templates to make your teaching life and business a little easier.

YSS FB community

Online Community

In the YSS-only community, get the support, feedback, accountability and connection you need and crave.

🖤 Kind words from clients 🖤

Terri Testimony Yoga Sequencing Society
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You're in the right place if:

👋 Hello, I'm Shannon

I don’t bend and flex like others. I am vertically challenged and have T-Rex arms. I wear size 8-10 off-brand yoga pants and speak Sanskrit with a Texas accent.

But that hasn’t stopped me from teaching yoga and training teachers for the last 20+ years.

Even before I accumulated 15,000 hours of experience, I had a special knack for sequencing meaningful yoga classes.

Maybe it’s the writer in me…or my previous life as a corporate trainer…but I love breaking down info into easy-to-digest chunks, and I know how to arrange it so it all makes sense.

For me, teaching yoga is about creating an inclusive space that allows individuals to experience a whole life transformation. And I want to make that a reality for you, too!

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You've got Q's? We've got A's.

Still have further questions? You can look at our FAQs below. 

Not all YTTs are created equally and the number one skill I see lacking or skimmed over is what it takes to plan a well-balanced yoga class.

Yes! Not only will you get fresh ideas and new material, but you’ll save a ton of time researching and planning your yoga classes. No more burn out!

Absolutely, but the price might increase.

All the sequences, scripts, and supporting material is hosted on Thrivecart. However, you will receive an email each month with links to download the materials.

You will receive an email with all the details immediately after your purchase.

Yes, you can cancel the membership at any time.

Due to the nature of digital products, there are no refunds available. You are able to cancel at anytime on any of the subscription plans through your account or by getting in contact with us.

Joining the Yoga Sequencing Society is easy!

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Never walk into a class feeling unprepared or overwhelmed ever again.




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