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From centering to savasana, you’ll have your first (or fifty-first) class planned in less time than it takes to search through books, websites, and crappy apps. (And your peeps will love it!)

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No more searching through endless reference tools.


Quickly organize postures in a meaningful order.

Here's what you'll learn in the free sequencing masterclass:

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Hi there, I'm Shannon
Shannon Director of Purple Lotus Yoga

I've used this strategy for 18 years

Sequencing a yoga class is one of the most important skills a yoga teacher possesses AND plays a crucial role in creating inspiring and unforgettable experiences.

After training teachers for 18 years and creating 1000s of yoga classes, this is the one area where yoga instructors still struggle.

Or work harder than necessary in planning.

Or didn’t get a thorough education in it in the first place.

That’s going to change with this free masterclass on how to sequence yoga postures.

Unlock your free sequencing masterclass now!

This free training will give you tons of clarity and help you avoid
some of the biggest mistakes teachers make when it comes to sequencing.

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