How to Sequence a Yoga Class

Plan your first (or next) yoga class that will inspire and engage your students without wasting hours slogging through books, videos, blogs, or crappy apps.

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in this free workshop, you’ll learn:

My six-stage strategy for crafting sequences and experiences that work for most yoga styles.

Feel confident designing classes (in minutes) with this 18-year-old formula.

How to avoid the biggest mistakes yoga teachers make when sequencing classes.

And to help you plan, a template to make sequencing classes even easier.

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“I’m a walking testimony to the effectiveness of your teachings. Once I got the hang of the 6 step sequencing on planning a class, I felt much more comfortable being in front of students and leading them through a class.”

I’ve used this strategy for 18 years

Sequencing a yoga class is one of the most important skills a yoga teacher possesses AND plays a crucial role in creating unforgettable experiences.

After training teachers for 18 years and creating 1000s of yoga classes, this is the one area where yoga instructors still struggle. Or work harder than necessary in planning. Or didn’t get a thorough education in it in the first place.

This masterclass will help eliminate the struggle and confusion and make planning your next yoga-asana class a breeze.

I want to thank you for your sequencing video and template. Both resources have revolutionized my teaching. No exaggeration. Thank you for sharing.

from regular to remarkable

I’m not sure it gets any more regular than me. Texas gal, wife+mama, just trying to squeeze it all in. Sort of like my yoga pants.

I believe yoga is more than headstands, hot studios, and perfect poses splashed on social media. You don’t have to be a size 2 contortionist, wearing fancy pants to teach yoga.

For 18 years, I’ve transformed regular women into remarkable teachers. I’ve trained, mentored, and nurtured them as they’ve pursued their yoga dreams.

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How to Sequence a Yoga Class

This free training is going to give you tons of clarity and will help you avoid some of the biggest mistakes teachers make when it comes to sequencing and you can watch it instantly.

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