9 yin yoga wall poses for hips and back

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Yin Yoga Wall Sequence for Hips

Make your hips and health happy with this yin yoga wall sequence. Think about how many hours spend sitting. Probably more than you want to admit. Research has linked sitting for long periods of time with a number of health concerns, like high blood pressure and high blood sugar. 

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Now for the good stuff. You can follow along with the video, or you can scroll down to find photos and pose explanations. Grab a strap, a block, a wall (of course) and ENJOY!

If you practice with the video, please note I teach classes with no music. Not only do I prefer not to have the distraction, but it also helps with sound quality when recording videos.

However, feel free to pull up your favorite calm and soothing playlist and let it go in the background.

60 minute yin yoga wall sequence

yin yoga wall sequence

👉 Yoga instructors: Snag my yin yoga wall sequence and use it in your own class.

Let’s cover a few housekeeping items before diving into the yin yoga wall class.

  • You will most likely need a strap, maybe a block, and if you’ve practiced yin before and know of other props that are beneficial for you, have those available in case you need them.
  • Each pose is listed with a recommended hold time. When you exit a yin posture, do so slowly and gently.
  • Between each yin pose, practice a counterpose like windshield wipers, knees to chest, or legs up the wall, and allow time for recovery before moving on to the next yin posture.


yin yoga Legs up the wall

Extend your legs and rest them against the wall. If your hamstrings are tight, keep a slight bend in your knees. If your low back bothers you, roll up a small towel and slide it beneath the curve of your low back.

Hold time: 5 minutes.

Hamstring stretch on the wall

yin yoga hamstring stretch with strap

Loop the strap around the arch of your foot and use it to gently draw your leg back toward your head. For more intensity in this back-of-your-leg stretch, flex your foot. Repeat on the other leg.

Hold time: 3 minutes each side

butterfly on the wall

yin yoga butterfly pose

Bend your knees and bring the soles of your feet together. You can deepen the stretch by bringing your feet closer to the floor and/or using your hands to apply gentle pressure in the external rotation.

Hold time: 5 minutes

half dragonfly on the wall

yin yoga half dragonfly with the wall

With your legs extended, let one leg slide along the wall. If you need, use the strap to hold your leg, or rest your knee on a block. Both prop options lessen gravity’s influence on these intense inner thigh stretches. Rest for one minute before repeating on the other leg.

Hold time: 3 minutes each side

dragonfly on the wall

yin yoga wall sequence dragonfly

If you found half-dragonfly to be particularly intense, then full wall dragonfly will be a double treat in the sensation department. You can use blocks here, or if the hold becomes too much, brings your legs closer together.

Hold time: Up to 5 minutes

👉 When releasing dragonfly after five minutes, please let your body recover at its own pace. Your muscles may feel shaky and you may feel vulnerable. Honor both.

half square on the wall

yin yoga reclined pigeon

Similar to Figure-4 or a reclined pigeon. Use the leg on the wall to direct the depth of your hip stretch. The less tightness in your hip, the more you’ll be able to bend the opposite leg which is pressing your crossed leg closer to your body. Repeat on the other leg.

Hold time: 3 minutes each side

reclined twist on the wall

yin yoga reclined twist

Ahhh, the perfect wrap-up to all those yin yoga hip holds. Twists balance out your spine and release tension in your low back. Choose the variation of reclined twist you like the best. Repeat on the other side.

Hold time: 3 minutes each side


yin yoga Legs up the wall

In a regular yoga asana class this would be savasana, or final relaxation. For the yin yoga wall sequence return to legs up the wall.

Hold time: 5 minutes

seated meditation

Easy Sitting Pose

When transitioning from legs up the wall to seated meditation, take your time and move slowly to prevent dizziness and light-headedness.

Hold time: 5 minutes

final tips for yin yoga wall sequence

Don’t have time for the full 60 minutes? Do each pose for 3 minutes to give you a 45 minute practice. Or select 4-5 poses and hold them for 3-5 minutes each for a 30 minute practice.

However long you choose to practice, allow time for the 5 minute seated meditation at the end. You’ve done all the hard work to prepare your mind and body, so take advantage and meditate!

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9 yin yoga poses for opening your hips
60 minute yin yoga class for your hips
60 minute yin yoga wall sequence for your hips

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