Navigate each step with ease and confidence.

Our training programs are encouraging and structured, and with our proven process, you’ll transition into the rewarding role of yoga teacher.

Without sacrificing your life, work, kids, and family.

Deepen your understanding of yoga, tap into your unique experiences, and blossom into not only an inspiring yoga teacher, but a pretty cool human being, too. 

You’ll enjoy mind-body lectures, yoga classes, learning enhancement activities, and coaching sessions in an easy-going, low-pressure environment.

Training Programs at Purple Lotus Yoga

Does any of this sound familiar?

You’ve spent years putting your family’s needs first. You’re ready to do something for yourself.

You know there’s something more to yoga than postures, and you want to dig deeper.

You fell in love with yoga and the changes it brought to your life. Now you want to pay it forward.

200 hour in person ytt

The original training program since 2003.

In the 200-hour training program, you’ll skyrocket your confidence while gaining the foundational skills you need to start teaching yoga. Think: mechanics and mindset.

Our comprehensive training provides instruction in the essentials: breathing, postures, meditation, anatomy, philosophy, and of course, teaching skills. 

This is the original training program launched in January 2003. While it has undergone updates over the years, the core of training remains the same. The same path to success so many others have found.

200 hour online ytt

Same comprehensive curriculum
with at-home convenience.

While many training programs scramble to shift online, Purple Lotus Yoga has offered online, interactive training since 2016. You’ll embark on the same transformational journey as in-person training.

You’ll study the same curriculum, complete the same learning enhancement activities, participate in group discussions, and receive personal coaching. You’ll enjoy the same structure, but at a pace that fits with your schedule.

Offering fully self-paced as well as live, interactive training throughout the year. The next online, interactive session starts September 2021.

300 hour hybrid ytt

In the 300-hour training program, you’re looking for not only more knowledge about philosophy, postures & pranayama, but some real world guidance in the particulars of earning a bigger paycheck. 

At Purple Lotus Yoga, our comprehensive training allows you to further your self-discovery journey while refining your skills as a yoga teacher.

Focus on the more therapeutic styles of hatha yoga such as yin, restorative, chair, and Thai yoga. Delve into philosophy, anatomy, and Ayurveda, then round out your education with business and marketing know-how specific to yoga teachers.

You will complete your requirements through a combination of in-person, live online, and on-demand sessions. 

continuing education

That's anti-fluff and value-packed

You love yoga. Check.

You love learning. Check.

You love doing both together. Check-Check.

Bonus points if you can do it at home, in your coziest pajamas.

Our CEU courses allow you do all that, PLUS, they’re also perfect for when you need to:

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