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~Teaching Tuesday~ Yoga CEOS in the making

500HR Weekend in Review

Learning as much as you can about your yoga speciality is muy importante but equally important is understanding the business behind your yoga independence. Yogis spend thousands of dollars in continuing education–in yoga. How much have you invested in the business side? This was the same question I asked myself 2 years ago and the answer was painfully obvious. Since then I’ve put a lot of emphasis in the business part of my yoga business.

Then I pass it on. . .

So while I stuff my participants’ heads full of yoga anatomy, eastern energy and philosophy, I lovingly pour in business tasks…things they probably wouldn’t consider otherwise.

Are you thinking about starting your own yoga business? Have you considered the business part of your yoga business?

  • Who’s your market? (And anyone is NOT the right answer). When clients are searching for a solution, they’re not looking for “someone who can teach anything and everything to anybody and everybody.” If I’m looking for a dentist, I’ve already created a mental list of what I want in a dentist. I’m not thinking, I want any dentist I can find.
  • Is does your bio inspire your clients to work with you or does it read like a resume? (Yawn….) See the first bullet, clients are looking for solutions. Let your bio demonstrate how you have the experience AND the answers. Imagine you were speaking at the Yoga Journal Conference, would you want your current bio to be read to 500+ attendees?
  • Don’t know what solutions you provide? That’s another area to think through. Talk to former clients and find out what they got out of their time and sessions with you. Every time you work with a client ask for a testimony. Testimonies always lend credibility to your business.


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