Teach a softer style of yoga, one that nurtures your body and mellows your mind.

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Teach a softer style of yoga, one that nurtures your body and mellows your mind.

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👉 You’re tired of the wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am fast flow asana classes that emphasize moving, sweating, and pushing to the next level.

👉 You want to share with others another side of yoga, a style that allows people to slow down, turn inward, and get comfortable with stillness.

👉 You’re ready for others to experience a more open body and calm mind like you did when you started practicing yin.

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ive been there too pink meditation course

I fell in love with postures more than 20 years ago. Vinyasa was all the rage, even then. I wasn’t too interested in the softer side of yoga.

Until I got pregnant.

It was challenging to maintain my physical practice with the hot, sweaty classes. That’s when I discovered the non-vinyasa styles of yoga.

Yin yoga gave me the ability to relax more deeply, practice self-care, accept my constantly changing body, and adopt a practice that also benefited me as a new mom.

After ten years as a vinyasa enthusiast, I shifted to teaching yoga that was gentler, kinder, and more nurturing for your body.

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🙌 Movement for your body that isn’t pushing or hustling but still yields results.

🙌 Active relaxation that lasts throughout class and not only in savasana

🙌 Falling asleep easier and resting deeper at night

🙌 Feeling energetic when you get up in the morning

Good news. You’re in the right place.

I’m going to show you how this course will give you the strategies to teach this slow-placed, softer style of yoga suitable for all levels.

But before I get into the course, let’s talk about . . .

yin yoga now enroll 5
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  • You’re not a yoga teacher but you want to deepen your understanding of yin while enhancing your own practice.
  • You’re a newly minted yoga teacher and want to confidently teach different styles of yoga.
  • You’ve been teaching for a while and you’re ready to diversify your skills.
  • You’re a therapist/counselor who wants to be able to teach different mindfulness techniques to your clients.
  • You provide yoga workshops and want to add yin yoga to your offerings.
  • You need ongoing training and/or continuing education to keep up your credentials.
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  • Have a clear understanding of the unique qualities of this quieter, yielding style.
  • Be able to share the benefits of postures without the hustle of hot, sweaty flow classes.
  • Know how to design an environment conducive for participants to remain still and quiet.
  • Have the tools and resources to create your own classes and workshops.
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hello i'm shannon meditation pink

For 20 years, I’ve been helping women realize their dream of becoming compassionate, confident, and competent yoga teachers.

I show women they don’t have to be a certain size or race, own expensive clothes and accessories, or contort their bodies into impossible shapes to be a “real” yoga teacher.

Teaching yoga (and meditation) isn’t about your age, Sanskrit fluency, or having an Instagram feed filled with fancy photos. It’s about creating an inclusive space that allows individuals to experience a transformation.

With my Texas-accented Sanskrit, T-Rex arms, and size 8 off-brand yoga pants, I teach one hell of a class.

Shannon with Purple Lotus Yoga
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Let me show you the step-by-step framework I use to design and teach mind-mellowing, body-nurturing classes every time.

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A step by step process on how to instruct others in this slow, quiet style of yoga
while also enriching your own asana + meditation practice.

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This online course is everything you need to:

✔️ Teach body-nurturing, mind-mellowing classes

✔️ Enrich your own asana + meditation practice

✔️ Prepare your clients (and you) for meditation.

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heres how it breaks down meditation
restorative yoga module mockup the basics

Why yin is different, why it’s popular, and who’s contributed the most to this slow, quiet, meditation-focused style of yoga.

30 seated, prone, supine, and wall postures that will guide you in selecting the appropriate poses and sequence for your clients.

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General guidelines for practicing yin, three principles governing poses, and when and how to use props.

With all the other parts in place, quickly generate class plans with themes, corresponding postures, and mindfulness practices.

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Bonus #1: Intro to 12 meridian lines + PDF guidebook

Bonus #2: Four 1-hour on-demand yin classes with me

Bonus #3: Audio guided meditation & Scripts



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>>On-demand videos<< 

No fluff, easy to consume lessons you can access on any device. No more mindless scrolling in the car pool line.

>>Lifetime access<<

You’ll be in 24/7/365 and never pay extra for changes or updates to the course.

>>52-page PDF workbook<<

Print out, fill in, and implement action as you follow along with the teaching videos.

>>Class Plans & Meditations<<

Ready-to-go yin class plans and guided meditations scripts you can use as-is or adapt to suit your needs.

>>BONUS #1 Meridians<<

Video lessons on the 12 meridians and how they apply to yin yoga postures.

>>BONUS #2 Templates & Scripts<<

Templates and scripts you need to teach stand out classes and workshops.

>>10 Hours Yoga Alliance Continuing Ed Credits<<

Complete all requirements and earn 10 hours of continuing education. Good for Yoga Alliance and other credentialing requirements.

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You’re a yoga teacher who’s ready to diversify your teaching skills, move beyond power-vinyasa classes, and/or want to deepen your own meditation practice. You’re ready to expand your marketability. You’ve been teaching group classes for a while, but you want to confidently teach meditation.

You’ll receive lifetime access to the training vault of videos. Plus, all the worksheets, templates, and a workbook to take you step-by-step through the process. And you can join the community Facebook group.

Whether today or next year, when you log in, you’ll have access to ALL the content, ALL the time. And when I update the program, you’ll get access without having to pay anything more.

Refunds are available within the first 14 days of purchase. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, send me polite note letting me know you want to cancel and would like a refund.

You will need to join Canva (there’s a free version) to access the presentation slides and meditation journal. You can update them with your own colors, logos, and photos. You cannot use Teach Chair Yoga Now as the title of your workshop.

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