Easily create classes that captivate and
build children's confidence.

Give them the tools to cope in this stressful world.

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Easily create kids classes and camps that captivate them and build their confidence.

Does this sound familiar?

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Did you know?

80% of children will have some form of psychological problem by age 21.

Many of these conditions, like depression and anxiety, are rooted in chronic stress.

Studies show yoga helps improve mood, concentration, health, and self-regulation
while also decreasing stress, anxiety, aggression, and anti-social behavior.

Share the power of yoga to help kids cope in our stressful, social-media soaked world.

Teach Your Kids Yoga
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Now imagine...

Good news. You’re in the right place.

I’m going to show you how this course will give you the strategies to create yoga classes and day camps that are captivating and confidence building.

But before I get into the course, let’s talk about . . .

Who this course is for

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By the end of the course, you'll:

Hello, I'm Shannon

For 20 years, I’ve been helping women realize their dream of becoming compassionate, confident, and competent yoga teachers.

I show women they don’t have to be a certain size or race, own expensive clothes and accessories, or contort their bodies into impossible shapes to be a “real” yoga teacher.

Teaching yoga isn’t about your age, Sanskrit fluency, or having an Instagram feed filled with fancy photos. It’s about creating an inclusive space that allows individuals to experience a transformation.

With my Texas-accented Sanskrit, T-Rex arms, and size 8 off-brand yoga pants, I teach one hell of a class.

Shannon with Purple Lotus Yoga
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Years Practicing Yoga
Years Training Experience

And I can show you how to help
kids cope in our stressful, social-media soaked world.

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All the strategies you need to plan and teach engaging yoga classes
that will create more mindfulness + build children’s confidence.

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This online course is everything you need to:

✔️ Teach age appropriate classes from 4-12 years old.

✔️ Bring in breathing, postures, and mindfulness in a fun way.

✔️ Best practices to minimize tantrums and meltdowns.

On-demand Videos

No fluff video lessons accessible on any device so you can learn wherever you go.

Class Plans

Ready-to-go class themed yoga classes with breathing, movements + activities.

100s of Resources

Access to games, activities, meditation scripts, music, etc.  ALL IN ONE PLACE

How the Course Works

The Teach Kids Yoga Now course features three main sections. The first section provides general information about children and yoga. The second stage shows you how to put a yoga class together, and the last section contains all the resources you’ll need.


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section 1

  • Stress + Yoga
  • Yoga in Schools
  • Basics of Yoga for Kids
  • General Development
  • Special Populations


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teaching kids

  • Parts of a Class
  • Best Practices
  • How to Plan a Class
  • Breathing Exercises
  • Postures
  • Relaxation + Meditation


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  • General supplies + props
  • Themes + group games
  • Crafts + activities
  • Books + music
  • Printables
  • Class Plans


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  • Yoga Deck Printable with 30 postures
  • Teaching prenatal yoga

Kind words from clients

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Frequently asked questions

You’re a yoga teacher who’s ready to diversify your teaching skills, move beyond power-vinyasa classes, and/or want to deepen your own meditation practice. You’re ready to expand your marketability. You’ve been teaching group classes for a while, but you want to confidently teach meditation.

When you enroll in Teach Kids Yoga Now, you’ll receive lifetime access to the training vault of videos. Plus, all the worksheets, templates, and a workbook to take you step-by-step through the process. And you can join the Teach Yoga Now online courses Facebook group.

Whether today or next year, when you log in, you’ll have access to ALL the content, ALL the time. And when I update the program, you’ll get access without having to pay anything more.

Refunds are available within the first 14 days of purchase. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, send me polite note letting me know you want to cancel and would like a refund.

You will need to join Canva (there’s a free version) to access the presentation slides and meditation journal. You can update them with your own colors, logos, and photos. You cannot use Teach Kids Yoga Now as the title of your workshop.

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