Small Wins

So I’ve been trying to get organized and work more efficiently. Some days that works great. Most days I struggle to remember what I went

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Carry on vs Quit

Failure sucks. Admitting failure sucks even more. So why admit it? Partially it’s a pity-party. Poor me, look what a dumb-ass I am…. Mostly it’s

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200 HR & 500 HR

This is not a shameless plug for Purple Lotus Yoga’s programs. It’s a FAQ I receive from clients. When the Yoga Alliance (YA) was formed,

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Mod 2 training weekend

I love teacher training. It’s my favorite pastime and career all rolled into one. The fresh-faced eagerness and excitement of the student turned teacher-in-training; the

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Why Purple Lotus?

Because we’re authentic. Not authentic in the all-natural, all-organic, we’re better than other brands out there. At Purple Lotus Yoga we’re real–and honest. We are

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