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Sparking your passion

2012 was all about letting go and January 2013 was about sharing those water-shed moments and continuing to observe where you might be holding onto junk. February is about sparking passions…yours and mine.

Poetry Slam

My first passion was inspired when I was in elementary school. {Major confession alert.} I read a poem my cousin had written and then submitted it as my own in a writing contest. I won Honorable Mention for a completely plagiarized piece.

Interestingly, winning the ribbon inspired me to write my own stuff. Even then I realized when there was an opportunity to do something and do it better–and originally. {Big smiley face.}

That attitude appeared years later when I stumbled into the world of corporate training, and again, with yoga teacher training. I attended a worksop/training and thought, “I can do better.”

Then BAM! In the middle of the night I jumped out of bed, wrote the outline for teacher training and six weeks later it was sent off for approval.

Then I was dormant

Until I stumbled onto an amazing group of women who were exactly what I was looking for. Go-getting, ass-kicking small business owners. After a week of virtually hanging with them I was renewed with energy and collaborators.

Like that late night where the idea wouldn’t let go….it’s happened again. And I’m furiously working to make into reality. {More details later.}

I feel inspired again. I’m getting stuff done. I’ve identified a direction I want to move toward.

How about you?

We all have passions but usually are too afraid to shout them on the rooftop because some nay-sayer will dive bomb it into the next decade. Your lives are too short to hide your light because some ass-wipe might not like it or be jealous of your passion and dreams.

  • Like the woman who has a story inside of her dying to get out
  • Or the woman who wants help others finally get healthy
  • Or the young girl who wants to go to culinary school
  • Or the little girl who dreams of being a dancer
{You know who you are….and you have my permission to let that passion out of its too-small box.}

Let’s get fire-y passionate! Share with me your passion and/or dream. And if there’s anything I can do to help, I’ll gladly do it. Women need to learn how to support each other unconditionally.

There is so much abundance in the world–enough room for us all the be able to fulfill our passions.

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