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Small Wins

So I’ve been trying to get organized and work more efficiently. Some days that works great. Most days I struggle to remember what I went to the kitchen for.

Take this blog entry for example. I came back to the bedroom to focus on some business strategy for the next 18-months only to realize I need to write a blog for Wednesday. So I shelve the strategy and wonder what the hell to write about that has anything to do with yoga, teaching yoga, or might be remotely interesting???

I’m only human, born to make mistakes.”

I’ve been overwhelmed for a few months now. I’m mostly a one-woman show in my business who is also trying to savor every moment of my too-fast growing son. (He’ll be one-year old later this month and I want to cry at the mach speed in which this has arrived.)

In some deep inner subconscious way, I put together a business that would let me be with him. Consequently it’s that same desire–only uncovered and heightened now–that makes me want to continue growing my business and show others how they can do it too.

That brings me to the delicate balancing act of all moms–time with family versus time in business. 

One of the qualities I coach teachers to embrace is the importance of their small accomplishments and imperfect action. It’s too easy to get overwhelmed by the bigger picture that we stop taking forward steps altogether.

I need to follow my own advice.

While I’m nowhere near the BIG goal I set out for 2012 I’ve hobbled together a few small wins so far. I’ve stepped away from a frustrating project and am focusing on transforming my house into a autumnal nest, allowing my brain to be creative in other ways. I’m holding and playing with my son because I see the little boy peeking out through his baby eyes.

And because of that I can forgive myself the goofs and gaffs, the unaccomplished goals, my harsh self-criticisms…at the end of the day my son doesn’t give a shit about any of that, so why should I?

What are some of your small wins?

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