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Secret Agent Kids Yoga


In this secret agent yoga class, kids can put their spying skills to the test. They’ll analyze fingerprints, decode a secret message, and train for field missions with poses and supporting activities.

For your next kids yoga class, take them to secret agent training camp. Let your kids become detectives, spies, or FBI agents for the day with poses, activities, and printables. With your purchase, you'll receive all the downloads you need to teach this secret agent themed yoga class.
Or you can upgrade to the full online training Teach Kids Yoga Now:
  • You'll get access to the Spy Themed class plan PLUS
  • Carnival, Garden, Space themed class plans
  • Video lessons on teaching different age groups
  • 65+ page guidebook with postures
  • 100s of resources for planning your own
  • Ideas for creating your own camps + workshops.
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How to Use

Download the zip file and open the folder to print the included PDF documents.

Who Can Use Them

Anyone can use the secret agent themed kids yoga bundle: yoga teachers, educators, physical education, therapists, and parents.

Where to Use Them

Use the secret agent theme yoga class anytime you want to bring in movement and mindfulness. Educators, incorporate it into your space units.


*Instructions for conducting the secret agent themed yoga class

*Outline of secret agent yoga class including poses and activities

*Secret Agent ID Card (prints 2 to a page)

*Find Your Code Name Printable

*Fingerprint Card (prints 2 to a page)

*Fingerprint Pattern (prints 4 to a page)

*Morse Code Chart

*Secret Message to Decode

*Make Up Your Own Code Printable

*Secret Agent Training Completed Certificate (prints 2 to a page)


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