How to Practice Yoga Off the Mat

Practicing yoga ON the mat is a pretty easy feat to imagine. That’s the breathing, postures and relaxation you do when you unroll your mat in a class at a studio (or at home).

But so often you hear the phrase in yoga circles about practicing yoga OFF the mat.

Is this some new way of practicing postures bare-footed and standing in the grass? Does this mean breaking out into bridge pose when you’re at work? What does it mean really?

When someone says YOGA, the initial image is someone doing downdog (or some other cirque de soleil pose), but yoga is so much more than “just poses.” It’s an entire system of well-being with general and specific guidelines for achieving a STATE of yoga.

A state of yoga exists when the feel-good contentment of your one-hour asana practice permeates into all the other areas of your life in a 24/7 sort of way.

There comes a time for many as they’re practicing yoga ON the mat, questions begin to arise. Why do I feel so much better? Why do I feel more content and calmer? Why does this crazy one-hour of poses seem to untangle everything in my life, not just my body?

When you start having those questions, it’s time to introduce the 10 Truths of Living in Harmony.

The 10 Truths for Living in Harmony are what I call the yamas and niyamas; what some think of as the 10 commandments of yoga. These are the ten ways in which people who practice yoga can live their lives in harmony with others and themselves.

There’s so much goodness in the yamas and niyamas that I couldn’t appropriately capture it all in a single blog post (or ten). So I hosted a live training on them, and now I’m sharing that video with you.

In this no-fluff, no sales video, I explain the 10 Truths (called the Pillars in the video), and provide real-world examples of how these truths can be easily implemented into your life right now.

The yamas and niyamas show us how to live in harmony with others and ourselves. Click To Tweet

When you’re finished going through The 10 Pillars, come back and share with me which one resonated the most with you.

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