how to plan a chakra themed yoga class

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How to Plan Chakra-Themed Yoga Classes in Minutes

Chakra-themed yoga classes have gained popularity in recent years, and including a focus on these subtle energy centers in your classes can help align and balance students’ minds, bodies, and spirits.

In this blog post, we will explore the incredible benefits of chakra-themed yoga classes, discover how to create engaging sequences, and streamline your planning process using a special all-in-one resource, The Yoga Teacher’s Ultimate Chakra Class Planner.

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why chakra-themed yoga classes

Each chakra, or energy center, represents different aspects of our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. When you infuse your classes with chakra-focused lessons, you can heighten students’ awareness and help them address imbalances.

Chakra-themed classes promote healing while also creating deeper, internal connections. Through theme-specific sequences, affirmations, and meditations, students can better tune into their own energy and understand how it flows within them.

Also, chakra-themed yoga can add depth and dimension to your classes, elevating your teaching to new levels. By thinking creatively and strategically about your sequences, you’ll enrich your students’ experience and create an environment safe for transformation.

chakra-themed yoga benefits

First, through specific postures, breathing and meditation techniques, chakra-themed yoga classes can address imbalances, restoring a sense of alignment and harmony in your body.

In addition to physical wellbeing, weaving in chakra elements to your classes can create a space for your students to tap into and explore their thoughts and emotions, leading to personal growth and transformation.

Lastly, focusing on chakras can make your classes more engaging and meaningful. By tailoring your sequences to the unique aspects of each chakra, you can infuse a sense of purpose and intention in your lesson plans.

3d chakra class planner mockup

streamline your planning process

Sequencing plays a crucial role in creating engaging chakra-themed yoga classes, however, it’s an area where yoga instructors continue to struggle. You can eliminate some of the struggle by streamlining your planning process.

The best way to streamline your planning process is to have everything you need in one convenient place to help you organize and plan your yoga classes in minutes instead of hours. Then you’ll have more time and energy to focus on connecting with your students and guiding them towards personal growth, healing, and transformation.

The Yoga Teacher’s Ultimate Chakra Class Planner is a comprehensive resource that puts everything you need to create chakra-themed yoga classes in one easy-to-use format.

Now you can map out your classes in an intuitive and organized manner. With dedicated sections for each chakra, you can easily plan out the theme, intention, and postures that correspond to each energy center. Quickly add affirmations and quotes to complete your lesson plan.

what's included in the chakra-themed planner

To help you create cohesive sequences that seamlessly flow, The Yoga Teacher’s Ultimate Chakra Class Planner is divided into three parts.

Part one covers the basics of the chakra system and then provides details on each of the seven chakras individually such as how to balance it, what imbalances look like, strategies for balancing and bringing that chakra into alignment.

Each chakra comes with several theme ideas, affirmations, quotes, and suggested shapes or postures. Additionally there are enhancements that can aid in bringing balance. You have associated foods, essential oils, crystals, journal prompts, and activities that you can do outside of yoga.

At the end of each of the chakra chapters, there is a mandala you can color for yourself, or print it out, make copies, and share it with your students in class.

chakra class planner detail mockup

Part Two outlines the six stage strategy I’ve used for the last 20+ years for sequencing. You’ll find details for each of the stages, including some tips and strategies to implement when you’re planning your chakra-themed yoga classes.

You’ll also find in Part Two a done-for-you sequence for each of chakras that includes an opening centering script, postures, and a corresponding guided relaxation. These are perfect for when you don’t feel like planning from scratch, and how to better understand how I piece classes together.

You can watch the video to see how to use The Yoga Teacher’s Ultimate Chakra Class Planner.

chakra class planner done for your class mockup

how to use the chakra-themed planner

The planner also includes a chapter showing you exactly how to use the resources to design a chakra-themed yoga class.

For example, if you wanted to plan a class around the root chakra, you can read through the material on pages 17-23. You can pick a theme first and then select two or three quotes, if you like. When you’re ready to choose your postures for the root chakra, flip to page 123 and quickly scan for the red muladhara chakra symbol.

How do you decide what order to put the postures in? Follow the six-stage strategy and fill in one of the three included templates. If you prefer, you can write it out in a notebook, journal, or whatever works best for you.

final thoughts on chakra-themed yoga classes

With The Yoga Teacher’s Ultimate Chakra Class Planner you can say good-bye to countless hours in research and preparation. This invaluable resource allows you to streamline the process and make class planning smoother and more effective.

Start designing your next chakra-themed yoga class with confidence and witness the profound impact you can have on your students. Embark on a teaching journey that is more intuitive, organized, and meaningful, and leaves your students craving more.


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plan a chakra yoga class in minutes
how to plan a chakra yoga sequence
How to plan a chakra-themed yoga class

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