kids yoga summer vibes lesson plan

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Kids Yoga Summer Lesson Plan

Parents everywhere are scheduling activities for their kids this summer to avoid the dreaded “I’m bored” complaint. Remember to add YOGA to the list because kids love it, and I’ve got a summer-themed lesson plan to help!

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Why yoga? Because it helps improve children’s mood, concentration, health, and self-regulation while also decreasing their stress, anxiety, aggression, and anti-social behavior.
Whether you’re a parent, school teacher, counselor, coach, etc., knowing how to help children be healthy, mindful, and learn to cope with big emotions is a tremendous gift you can give them. The Teach Kids Yoga Now course can show you how to share the power of yoga with children. Or join the Yoga Sequencing Society+ and get access to it as part of your membership.

Summer themed kids yoga class

So much of what I teach on here is about using themes and sequencing. For adults. Yoga for children is a whole different game (and crafts, books, and other fun activities). 

While there are differences, there are also some strong similarities like themes and sequencing 🤣.

First, you can see what a basic breakdown of a kids yoga class might look like. The rest of the blog discusses those individual sections in more detail using the theme of Summer Vibes.

The basic sequence:

💜 Welcome/intro of theme or lesson

🧘‍♀️ Centering + breathing

🕺 Warmup (postures or movement activity)

🧩 Activity (games or crafts)

💪 Working (postures or movement activity)

🥱 Calm down (a great time to color)

😴 Final relaxation


As the children enter, say hello and welcome them to class. Invite them to choose a spot in the room. You might have might have mats or you can also use these clever Sit Spots if space is an issue.

Next, introduce yourself and the class theme (or lesson) of Summer Vibes.

Ask them if they’re excited for school to get out and what plans they have for the summer? Make note of what they said, and if possible, weave their responses into one of the activities.

Older kids/tweens/teens might enjoy hearing inspirational quotes throughout class.

Here area few that correspond to our theme:

  • Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink in the wild air. -Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • Cause a little bit of summer is what the whole year is about. -John Mayer
  • Summer should get a speeding ticket. -Unknown
  • It’s cool to be kind. -Unknown
summer vibes kids yoga class quote

Younger children like make-believe and that brings a magical element to yoga because they can be anything they want, like a life guard or a marine animal. 

Their imaginations can transport them to anywhere in the world like a beach vacation on a faraway island or something more local like a summer camp with s’mores.

centering + breathing

Just like adults, kids need that all important centering, a time for them to go quiet and block out distractions.

With the theme of Summer Vibes have the kids sit in criss-cross-applesauce and close their eyes. Then let them pretend they feel the sun’s warmth on their faces.

Continue “soaking in the sun” while you transition to pranayama. In this lesson, have them focus on simple, deep breathing.

To encourage full breaths in younger children, ask them to breathe in the sun until they feel it poke out their bellies. With older children, maybe you guide them to imagine shifting from the busyness of school to the lazy days of summer.

warm up movement or postures

You can choose to do some yoga asanas or another type of movement activity. Be sure to check out the next section for more ideas about kids yoga activities.

Sun salutations are a perfect way to warm up and support our theme of Summer Vibes.

  • Mountain- hello sun
  • Forward bend- look to your toes
  • Halfway lift- shine your inner sun
  • Plank- jump back, lower to floor
  • Cobra- look to the sky
  • Downdog- dive into the pool

kids yoga activities

Essentially, kids yoga is a series of activities.
There are focusing activities like centering + pranayama. Next, you have movement activities like postures and games like Red Light/Green Light. Finally, calm down activities like crafts or coloring.
Spend a few minutes in each one and the 45-55 minute class flies by.
The first half of class is a great time for more energetic activities while you use the last half to calm them down and prepare for final relaxation.
Up to this point in the kids yoga Summer Vibes theme, you’ve completed breathing and warmup postures.
Now choose two more activities, one to do BEFORE the main set of postures, and one for AFTER to calm them down.

main set of postures

Now let’s introduce some yoga asanas if you haven’t already in the warmup.

Keeping with the Summer Vibes theme, we’re going to use a blow-up beach ball to help us with the main set of postures.

Inflate the ball (you can grab one at the dollar store) and write the names of several postures on the ball.

The kids take turns throwing it at each other. When the child catches/gets the ball they have to do the posture they’re looking at. You could also have the group do the selected postures together.

If time permits, make sure every one gets a chance to participate.

wrap up

After completing a calm-down activity, prepare the kids for final relaxation. Have them lie on their mats and pretend they are by the beach or pool, drying off after splashing around in the water.
At the closing of class, you can give out summer-themed sticks or temporary tattoos.

FINAL TIPS FOR summer vibes kids yoga

I hope you and some kiddos get a chance to practice the Summer Vibes yoga class! This is a small taste of what’s inside the Teach Kids Yoga Now course.

When you’re ready to share the power of yoga with kids, you’ll get both the know-how and the resources so you can confidently teach yoga to kids.

👉  You can also check out more children’s yoga themes on Pinterest

👉 If you’re looking for some Summer Vibe-themed books, check out the ones below.

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Kids yoga summertime lesson plan
kids yoga summer class plan
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