how to use kriya yoga to redefine resolutions

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How Kriya Yoga Can Redefine New Year’s Resolutions

Tired of making new year’s resolutions and falling off the wagon in only a few weeks? Then it’s time to redefine your resolutions and Kriya yoga can help you do that.

In case you missed my previous blogs on living your yoga:

This is the time of year when people are focused on shedding body weight. For me, I like to use this time of year for shedding a different kind of weight.

In today’s video, I’m going to share with you my favorite form of yoga that will help you get rid of what’s no longer serving you—whether that’s physical clutter or energetic weight.

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Prefer videos? Watch How to Use Kriya Yoga to Redefine New Year’s Resolutions:

let me be human for a moment

I wanted to share a couple of human moments with you before I dive in.

First, I had planned to do the Facebook live in the morning, however I was reading a book last night and got totally lost in the story. I ended up staying up really, really late. So that kind of messed up my goal to go on live in the morning.

😴 Want to guess how late I stayed up in the morning reading? 

The second human thing that happened before the live is I came upstairs to prepare everything and the dog had had an accident upstairs.

So instead of being happy and going through my mind about what I wanted to do on live today, I’m grumbling as I’m on my hands and knees cleaning up the carpet.

It’s a good reminder that no matter how glossy or put together somebody might seem, just know that we’re dealing with very human things all the time, too. Some people are just better about hiding it than others.

why redefine your resolutions

If you’re on my email list you got an email a couple of days ago talking about redefining resolutions. I know for me that has changed a lot over the years especially as I’ve moved through my 40s and now entering fully into my 50s .

What seemed important to make a resolution on 10-12 years ago just doesn’t feel like a priority anymore. So I defined my resolutions a little bit differently.

That being said, those of you who have gone through yoga teacher training with me are already familiar with this concept but I wanted to share it on a broader scale. 

When it comes to the new year, to shedding and getting rid of things, I don’t worry about shedding weight. I don’t focus on all the body stuff anymore.

the yoga of decluttering

What I really focus on is my favorite style of yoga called Kriya yoga and that is essentially the yogic version of decluttering, getting rid of that which doesn’t serve you anymore.

In terms of the practice of kriya yoga, there are three steps:

Step #1 Burning Impurities

We want to make sure that we burn out impurities, called tapas. We can do that through breathing, we can do that through postures, or we can do that by going through and cleaning out our surroundings.

Step #2 Self-Study

Step two for Kriya yoga is what we call self-study, meaning that once we get something cleaned and cleared out, we take a little time to go over that.

We take some time in some reflection to make sure that the next steps that we take are the best ones for what we want to achieve in our lives. Or how we want to feel in our lives.

Step #3 Surrender to the Divine

The third step to Kriya yoga is what we call “surrender to the Divine,” understanding that you take all of this action and then you put your faith into God or the universe or fate (or whatever you want to call it) to bring about your best good.

If what you’re cleaning and clearing out for is meant to be there for you, through combined action and faith, you will begin to see it come about in your life.

5 day kriya yoga challenge

I want to do a Kriya yoga challenge with all of you starting on Monday. I’m going to post both in the Facebook group and on Instagram. I’m going to post that day’s challenge or lesson that you want to do for the day. 

If you’ve done anything with me before you know I start off easy and then we work our way up to more challenging challenges 🤣.

When you complete your challenge for that day I encourage you to either, in the Facebook group or on the Instagram post, to let me know that you’re done so we can have some accountability together. 

Let’s start shedding in a different kind of challenge.

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Kriya Yoga Can redefine resolutions
Redefine resolutions with kriya yoga
How-to-Use-Kriya-Yoga-to-Stick-to-Resolutions 5

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