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Here’s you sign

Whenever we have a decision to make we silently send out the same request: “Please show me the right thing to do here.” Like the rest of you, I’d like to be driving down the road and see the billboard plastered with my answer/sign, “Hey Shannon, you need to do this. –The Universe.”

How much easier our lives would be if that’s how it worked…..

Here’s the irony–that IS how it works. But we’re too distracted or too ego-driven, or worse, too disbelieving that the message is meant for us individually. I find it both funny and sad that people constantly ask the Universe for a sign then duck and run before the answer is revealed. It’s as though we treat our life and passions like a bad Halloween prank. Let’s sneak up and ring this doorbell then run away before the door is opened.

Every time you run away, you ignore the Universe and from personal experience, she despises that. Like a new lover, she softly
whispers the answers to you as if we are hearing them in a dream. Look out, she’s testing you. She wants to see if  you can make the difficult yet right decision so that you are in control, so you can prove to her that you’re ready for the next development in your life. Unfortunately for too many people, they swat at these quiet urgings like nagging gnats.

For four years, I worked a corporate job making great money from easy work but ultimately bored after two years. I kept thinking I wanted to go back to work for myself. Back and forth, swatting at those persistent whispered urgings. The Universe grew tired of my indecision when she had done an abundant job of making it clear what I should do. At Christmas time, I was laid off. Because I had put off making the decision for myself, I was devastated and unprepared when it happened even though I had been thinking about quitting for months.

Stop ringing the Universe’s doorbell and then running away. If you’re going to have the cahones to ring the doorbell then have the cahones to stay–stand your ground–and meet the answer head on. It’s not like Frankenstein or a mass murderer is going to open the door. Yes, there’s a good chance the answer will not be exactly what you want, but it will be exactly what you need.

I challenge to you make that decision this week. Whatever it is. Make it and show the Universe that you are a responsible spirit and completely ready for the unfolding that comes from making a tough call. This is your sign, the answer you’ve been waiting for, the permission you need to move forward. Do it. (And if you really have the cahones, share it with me.)

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