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Good-bye Summer!

Labor Day is behind us and soon we’ll be hip-deep in candy corn, turkey, challah bread & mistletoe. This is an easy time to let your good habits fall away & shelve dreams until next year. I like to look at it as 4 solid months to make & create possibilities.

This is how I’m using the last 4 months of 2012:

  • To provide simple solutions & techniques through the blog.
  • GUEST posts from peers & complementary fields. {Think teas.}

Wanna be a guest blogger? Send me an email with your blog idea. Guest blogs are reserved for the last Wednesday of each month. October and November are already snagged.

  • Inspire Me…a weekly dose of inspiration delivered via email. {Available October.}
  • The next big push for the rest of 2012? It’s a secret…..but don’t worry, it’s a secret that I’ll be revealing in the next few weeks.
There I’ve said it. Declared it to the Universe. My 4th and 5th chakras can rest more easily now. I followed my heart and voiced it.
What can YOU do in the last 4 months? Declare it here so we can all help you get there!


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