Library of Yoga Goodies

The #1 concern for beginning yoga teachers is having adequate knowledge to safely lead a yoga class.

In the FREE Resource Library, you’ll get instant access to:

  • Mandala coloring pages, gratitude printable, how-to mindfulness jar
  • Virtual yoga classes + workshops
  • Audio + guided meditations
  • Business basic templates
  • And more. . .all designed to stretch your mind (and body)

Mini yoga yoga teacher training

Not sure if you have what it takes to teach? You do! Most people are looking for real teachers they can relate to.

The women who show up in Purple Lotus Yoga teacher training are real people with real bodies + real lives.

Test the teacher training waters with this condensed version:

  • Brief history of yoga
  • Intro to deep breathing
  • Break down of mountain + table pose
  • Intro to meditation

Quick + Easy + Inspiring

free yoga stock photos

Royalty free yoga lifestyle stock photos in a variety of categories. More added throughout the year.

  • Essential oils
  • Coffee + yoga
  • Children’s yoga accessories
  • Yoga + tech
  • And more. . .

Enhance Your Practice + Expand Your Knowledge

The #1 concern for beginning yoga teachers is not knowing enough. The Yoga Resource Library is a great place to stretch your mind (and body).

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