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FREE Library of Yoga Goodies

The #1 concern for beginning yoga teachers is having adequate knowledge to safely lead a yoga class.

In the FREE Resource Library, you’ll get instant access to:

  • Sequencing template + designed-for-you yoga sequences to use in your own practice or to teach your next class
  • Business basics such as general waiver template, legal lessons + interviews with yoga studio owners
  • Online yoga practices + video workshops for when you can’t get to your favorite studio
  • 100+ royalty-free yoga/lifestyle stock photos
  • Audio + guided meditations, and more. . .


How to plan your first (or 100th) yoga class without wasting countless hours on videos, blogs, or crappy apps.

In this online workshop, you’ll learn:

  • My signature six stage strategy for quickly crafting sequences
  • How to spend less time planning and more time teaching
  • How to avoid the common mistakes teachers make when sequencing

Go from “I don’t know how to link poses together in a meaningful way” to “OMG, this was easier than I thought.”

Quick + Easy + Inspiring

Mini yoga yoga teacher training

Not sure if you have what it takes to teach? You do! Most people are looking for real teachers they can relate to.

Regular women, just like you, make remarkable teachers because you’re a real person with an imperfect body + life.

In this 10 video series, test the teacher training waters with the condensed versions of:

  • The brief history of yoga
  • Intro to deep breathing
  • Break down of mountain + table pose
  • Intro to meditation

Tools+ Support For Your Yoga Teacher Journey

The #1 concern for beginning yoga teachers is not knowing enough. The Yoga Resource Library is a great place to stretch your mind (and body).

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Jumpstart Your Teaching Today!

Start sharing your love of yoga now with these 10 quick video lessons.

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How to Sequence: Tips, Tricks + Secrets

Whether your first (or 100th), find ideas to create your next unforgettable class.

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