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I pulled a few late nights this week doing final edits (line by freaking line) on my book, and my burning, bleary eyes just couldn’t focus on the blog Tuesday and Wednesday night.

But that to-do is in someone else’s inbox now, and I’m free to get you back in the swing of un-hooking.

This week is all about the rage of the day.


Not Your Run-of-the Mill Fasts

Dieting is not only good for your body, it’s great for your mind and soul. Eliminating what isn’t healthy and focusing on making better choices is a sound plan for many different activities–not just in relation to food and exercise.

Tuesday you turned off the news for an entire day. Were you neurotic because you weren’t hooked into the latest breaking news, or did you find a calm groove to coast?

Not watching the news will help you keep a more positive attitude. It’s doesn’t mean a “Pollyanna, out-of-touch” perspective, but an opportunity to prevent any more depletion of your energy.

Let’s keep banking that energy.

Fast #2, No TV Dinners

Actually it’s no TV. You can still have dinner (breakfast and lunch too) but not in front of the TV. This includes any movie and video watching–the cat riding the robotic vacuum will still be there on Monday.

And by TV I mean your actual TV, your computer, smartphone and tablet.

No watchy-watchy.

You start with good intentions, flipping on the TV to catch who’s getting voted off. The next thing you know, two hours are gone and so is the extra time you could’ve worked out, written a chapter, planned dinner for tomorrow, read a magazine, or finished a project.

You get the picture. TV is nothing but a big time and energy suck.

Friday is an excellent day to do this fast. It’s the end of the week so maybe you can catch up with your family (or friends) instead of the latest reality show.

Fast #4, No S+M

Dirty birdy….Saturday’s fast is all about Social Media. More precisely all about NO social media.

Jump on Friday night (don’t watch any of the shared videos though) and let ’em know you’ll be gone for 24 hours. Better yet, don’t make any announcement. You won’t miss anything and chances are pretty good your bazillion friends won’t notice your absence.

Social Media No-Nos: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram or any of the other bazillion sites you’re a part of. If you can’t ignore the notifications coming to your phone or tablet, I suggest you turn them off.

For the same reasons cited above: you go on for “only a few minutes” and next think you know it’s tomorrow (after midnight).

Fast #5, No Computing

Unless you’re in retail or religion, chances are you’re not working on Sunday and this is the ideal day to shut off your computer. Un-plug baby. Step away from the keyboard and do something that engages your body instead of numbs your mind.

No video games, no tablet use and you can only your phone as a phone…i.e. make and receive calls + texts. Anything that requires wi-fi or 4G networking is not allowed.

Will these fasts be challenging?

Have you ever participated in a three-day juice fast or some other kind of food fast? Remember how the end of day 2 felt? I don’t think your time-waster diet will be nearly as nerve-racking (at least I hope not), but you may find yourself turning to the forbidden fruits out of habit.

You can do it. You don’t need that cookie–uh, I mean, computer.

By participating in the fasts on Saturday and Sunday, you’ll have a lot more time to focus on some being activities. And with the slight cooling of the Texas weather, it’s a great time to get outside and connect with nature.

And these fasts are great to do on a weekly basis. One day a week, turn off those electronics and exercise your brain and body.

Happy Fasting + Being!

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P.S. Everything happens for a reason. I actually like the idea of practicing these 3 different fasts over the weekend instead during the week.