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Screen shot 2013-09-11 at 11.22.14 PMMoney, money, muh-ney….this seems to be the one area people worry about the most. It causes more sleepless nights and stomach ulcers than any other concern.

And rightly so.

If you spend any time watching or listening to the news, there are plenty of dire predictions regarding the economy of our country. It can be downright scary. And because it can be so scary, many of us avoid being as responsible as we could be.

Even when our money is in a positive flow.

Let’s me first say, I’m not a CPA or CFP or any other important certified money person. And this post isn’t about giving financial advice. Just the opposite in fact. I’m providing spiritual or philosophical advice that just happens to be around the topic of money.

I Struggle Too

If you’ve been hanging with me for the last couple of weeks–and maybe since before–I hope you realize I’m just like you. I have hopes and fears just like you. I have crazy talk going on in my head; and fears when my head hits the pillow at night.

Perhaps where I differ is on how I’ve chosen to cope with them.

Yoga gives me a ton of perspective and stress-busting techniques to calm the F down. Yoga’s deepened my spiritual understanding as well as whetted my curiosity for more. The last few years I’ve done a lot of work around money (and I still have tons more to do).

What I’ve Learned So Far

Money is called currency and therefore is meant to flow like the current of a river. When we get stuck in one situation with money, it can bottleneck in other parts. For example, when you’re feeling down about money or feel like enough isn’t coming to you, that’s when the unexpected expenses tend to show up.

Money works pretty closely with faith (another stage of getting Un-Hooked). This doesn’t mean praying to win the lottery. More like taking care of today and having faith tomorrow will take care of itself.

If you’re feeling stuck–financially or otherwise–these three loose ends might help get your money current flowing again.

1. Do you owe money that needs to be paid back?

2. Are there bills to be paid? Debt to clear?

3. What do you need to tell the truth about?

What if there’s no $$$ to Pay Back?

I wish I had some great, pithy advice about repaying debt. Debt is both a blessing and a curse. Most of us couldn’t afford our homes if we didn’t go into debt for it. The curse comes when we get into debt for dumb things. Or items we *think* we can afford to pay back but really can’t.

Even if you need to start small–say $10–this will at least get the currents flowing. Will it magically make it all go away? Probably not.

Remember loose ends is more about freeing up energy, and what better way to feel freer than by getting the burden of unpaid promises off your shoulders?

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