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Today’s blog is short and sweet. Three more loose ends to think about:

1. Is someone waiting to hear I love you? Who?

2. Is there someone you need to apologize to? Who?

3. What promises have you broken that need to be cleared?

Life is Short

As you get older, the inevitably of your mortality gets harder to ignore. Loved ones get sick or pass away. You start to understand that family is the only important wealth to have.

Sometimes when there’s a person or situation to un-hook from, it’s best to look around at your loved ones and take a moment to appreciate their presence. Let them know–with words–that they are loved. This can help you feel less hooked into someone outside of your sphere of existence.

Since we don’t know what tomorrow brings, one of the worst fates would be for someone to die before you could swallow your pride and apologize for acting like an ass. Who wants to walk around with that kind of guilt?

Now interestingly what if the person you need to make amends with is the person you want to un-hook from?

What it means is that you’re being kind and compassionate, and the simple act may free you up to walk away without anymore hard or guilty feelings about wanting to un-hook.

Earning Your Way Out

I think I heard this phrase for the first time from Dr. Phil. He spoke about couples who decide to get divorced and how they needed to earn their way out of the marriage–by doing all the things necessary to make sure the marriage is truly over and to continue to take care of each other’s feelings on the way out.

When it’s a person you need to un-hook from, earn your way out. Tell them how you feel. Apologize if there’s a slight on your part. Then quietly plan your exit strategy.

The opposite also works with these three loose ends. If there’s someone you want to create more connection with then let them know how you feel; apologize for being distant or not taking the steps to be closer. Make another promise and commit to it.

Humility and ego cannot exist in the same room.

{See…told you it was short and sweet.}