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2aspire'_112423367I don’t know about you but lately I seem to be reading a lot about juicing, cleansing, fasting, blending, loofah-ing, and whatever else I can do to my body to create health and vitality.

I love that so many people are focused on feeling and looking better. They’re becoming more educated and more particular about the quality of their food. HOO-RAY!

These are all wonderful practices for feeling better physically.

What about your mind?

Food absolutely plays a role in how you think and process. Too much sugar, caffeine and other chemical additives can wreck havoc on feeling clear and alert.

Yet food is only one contributor.

In today’s world, there are so many distractions that your mind is literally processing millions of requests. Walk into any retail shop and your entire being is assaulted from the overhead lighting, smell good fragrances + candles, loud music, and hundreds of products.

Overload is what leads us to feel stressed out.

In my new book, Un-Hooked: Freedom from Divorce, I explain stress simply: your mind is writing checks your body can’t cash.

And the rest of this week will offer ways in which you can fast your mind to start banking some energy and clarity reserves.

Take a News Fast

For the rest of this week, stop watching and listening to the news.

There’s a saying in the news industry, “If it bleeds, it leads.”

The majority of all news stories are negative and depressing in nature and humans seem to have an unhealthy curiosity about the tragedy of others. Many of us over-empathize and unknowingly take on those emotions. There is valuable energy to be saved by un-hooking from the news.

Tragedy of 9/11

Like every American during that fateful day, I was glued to my TV, watching every minute of news coverage from around 9:30 in the morning until late in the evening. I think I experienced every negative emotion available to women.

For days this went on.

My heart broke every time they aired a story about loss, sacrifice, fallen heroes, even the service animals that were tired and discouraged from not finding any survivors.

Then I noticed I started to feel more than sadness. I was growing depressed.

For my own sanity, I turned off the TV. I popped an audio book into my car so I didn’t have to listen to any radio stations. I literally unplugged from all that was news. My then-husband thought I was coo-coo and maybe a little un-American.

After days and weeks passed and the news was less focused on death and destruction, I realized I didn’t miss the news one bit. In a cold turkey move, I was forever off news.

Out of Touch

When I share this part of my life–the fact I don’t watch or listen to the news–I get a variety of reactions. Ten years ago the most common response was “how can you not want to know what’s going on in the world?”

Ummmm…pretty easy, actually.

I scan the headlines of the newspaper or I check out the “top stories” on my internet browser. If there’s something I feel I need to know more about then I’ll do my own research on the subject.

The biggest benefit to taking a fast from the news is realizing how much negativity is broadcasted to you, and how that adversely impacts your own feelings and attitude.

Here’s to your News-Free Week!

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