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Happy Friday to All! You’ve made it to the end of your second week of getting Un-Hooked.

Before I get into today’s assignment, I want to give you an analogy about the work you’ve done so far. Let’s say you decide you want to lose weight. You step on the scale, record your weight and then get busy eating healthy, drinking lots of water and moving your body more.

You feel like you’ve done a pretty solid job of taking better care of your health and after two weeks you step on the scale to measure your progress.

But the scale hasn’t budged.

You feel disappointed and deflated. Or even like your efforts have been wasted because it resulted in no outward change.

On the Inside

Your body is amazing and works from the inside out. While the scale may not have budged, many good things are happening on the inside. Systems are getting cleaned. Cells are regenerating. Processes are regulating. A great deal of activity has to happen on the inside before you begin to show signs on the outside.

The work you’re doing for Un-Hooked is the same. If you’ve done all the assignments of the last two weeks, but feel like nothing’s changed, you’re judging the work AND yourself too harshly.

Small, consistent steps will yield big results—->> over time.

Just like getting healthier and losing weight, you have to stick with it longer than two weeks to yield the biggest results. Be patient with yourself. Be kind + compassionate. You deserve this time.

Your Last Loose End Questions

1. Who do you need to forgive?

2. Do you need to forgive yourself for something?

3. What can you start to accept about yourself and love more?

Forgiveness is one of the biggest areas that you can work on. When someone has wronged you, it’s so easy to carry around the anger and bitterness. The problem with that is you’re the one suffering. The person who wronged you most likely isn’t losing an ounce of sleep over what he/she did.

You must practice forgiveness NOT for the other person–NEVER for someone else–only for you, your peace of mind, and to remove those painful hooks from your heart.

That includes forgiving yourself for whatever you might be unjustly holding yourself “accountable.”

Forgiveness is not a magic bullet. It will take time to disengage those sharp hooks especially if they’ve been deeply plunged. By working on #1 and #2 on the list, it will free up energy + compassion to help you with #3.

What’s Coming Next Week

Next week, I’m going to discuss what all these different assignments are doing for you, plus provide you with some more. You’ve been working in small increments; bite-sized, chewy-doable action items. The new assignments remain bite-sized, however they will become more challenging.

This is where resistance can rear its ugly head, so I’ll also provide some tips for kicking resistance’ ass!

Have a great Being weekend!

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P.S. Remember to schedule 2 Being “activities” for this weekend. This helps you learn to relax + enjoy the moment. It can also help quiet the noise so you can target in on the hook-age that needs your attention.

P.S.S. In case you’re just now joining the party, here are the links to this week’s Loose End assignments.

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