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Today’s a good day to discuss the 3 stages that make up Un-Hooked. This may help provide some context for the action items you’ve been completing each day.

One of my favorite forms of yoga is called kriya (kree-ya) and when translated means action of the soul. So in order to see true change (from the soul) you must put in the work to see it happen. Another way to explain this concept: You must first “Un-Hook” from what depletes and robs you of energy in order to be the best version of you.

3 Stages of getting Un-Hooked

The first stage of kriya (or Un-Hooked) is burning impurities. These are the actions you perform to create the purest mind, body and spirit. Like refining gold. It must first be heated up so the impurities rise to the surface to be removed. In the work I’m doing I’ve labeled the first stage as Un-Hook.

The second stage is self-study, what I term as Un-Cover. This is the work you do to literally study yourself; your opportunity to gain a deeper understanding makes you uniquely you. Here you get to Un-Cover what makes you special. The first stage works directly with the second. When you remove the impurities, it’s easier for you to listen to your inner guide.

The last stage is surrender to the Divine. This is understanding something bigger connects us all and then trusting this higher power to provide exactly what you need when you need. This is letting life Un-Fold. Just as stage one and two work together, the third stage provides value to the first two.

Without surrendering, the first two are simply knowledge without freedom.

The entire process–Un-Hook + Un-Cover + Un-Fold make up the method of Un-Hooked.

Cleaning out the crap

The assignments you’ve been working on for the last two weeks have been helping you in the first stage of burning impurities. Identifying and then eliminating all the different hooks that keep you playing small or feeling insignificant.

This stage can take a while to work through, depending on how many layers you have. And when you feel really down or overwhelmed, this stage is sometimes the last place you want to hang out. That simply means it’s more important to work here. Take your time. Find all the little annoyances–because sometimes the little annoyances add up to be bigger than any one big one.

The rest of September is dedicated to continuing your work in burning impurities. The work started small and the last half of the month will move into more challenging–yet doable–action items.

For now, go back through the last two weeks with a fresh perspective–with the knowledge that you must release all the little distractions (loose ends) so your energy is freed up for more important endeavors.

Let’s Make the Most of this Month!

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