Continuing education courses that are anti-fluff and value-packed.

Like the perfect shoes to set off an outfit, our TEACH YOGA NOW continuing education courses enhance your mind, body, and skills.

With our on-demand courses, you can familiarize yourself with a different style of yoga, increase your marketability, learn and grow, and earn CEUs while doing it.

PLUS+ all our continuing ed courses come with guidelines and materials for turning your knowledge into effortless workshops.

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Does any of this sound familiar?

You’ve been asked to take over a class and you need the ins and outs of the style.

You want to be more marketable to yoga studios and wellness facilities.

You want to start offering workshops but you’re not sure how to do it.

Our continuing education courses have got you covered.

Start Meditating Now

Our newest continuing ed course

Change your life, and guide others to do the same, with the powerful, stress-busting practice of meditation.

START MEDITATING NOW will give you the strategies you need to incorporate meditation into your life.

Enhance your own practice, and when you’re ready, teach your own meditation workshop using the bonus templates and support material.

Teach Restorative Yoga Now

Fall in love with active resting.

Reduce fatigue and overwhelm. Restore you mind and body.
  Without the hustle of hot, sweaty, vinyasa classes.

Restorative is a physical style of yoga where the postures are held several minutes with the support of props. As you “rest” in these supported postures, your body releases stress and tension, and eases into a state of relaxation.

TEACH RESTORATIVE YOGA NOW gives you the instruction you need to confidently teach this passive style of yoga. Be able to set up and sequence the most common restorative postures.

Teach Yin Yoga Now

Our most popular continuing ed course!

Nurture your body and mellow your mind with this cool and restful style of hatha yoga that focuses on your body’s connective tissue.

In TEACH YIN YOGA NOW, you’ll use long-held, mostly seated asanas to slow down, turn inward, and get comfortable with stillness.

Enrich your own practice while you learn how to instruct others in this gateway to meditation practice.

Teach Chair Yoga Now

A physical practice accessible to all.

Chair yoga is a physical form of yoga that uses a chair to support
individuals in breathing, postures, and meditation.

With so many people struggling with limited mobility because of age, injury,
illness, or a sedentary lifestyle, this gentler style allows
for greater access
to the physical limbs of yoga.

In TEACH CHAIR YOGA NOW learn how to adapt postures for the chair,
and how to sequence for both fully seated and mixed chair classes.

Teach Kids Yoga Now

Inspire future generations and make a difference in the lives of youth through yoga.

Children today need movement and mindfulness more than ever. When kids practice yoga they gain important tools for regulating big emotions and coping with stress.

In TEACH KIDS YOGA NOW, you’ll learn how to prepare for teaching children, create classes that captivate them while building their confidence.

PLUS it’s a lot of fun!

Teach Yoga Asanas Now

The physical limb of a yoga practice.

Asana is the third limb of Patanjali’s Eight Limbs of Yoga. Originally, asana meant what a practitioner sat on to meditate but in modern yoga we refer to the physical movement (postures) as asana.

So many factors go into a person’s asana practice. There is no single right way to practice and the only wrong way is the one that causes harm.

In TEACH YOGA ASANAS NOW learn the steps to execute 50+ asanas as well as benefits, contraindications, variations, and prop usage.

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become an inspiring yoga teacher.

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