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Changing & evolving

Why do we dread change? What about change locks us down?

I am guilty of becoming stuck in the cement-like fear of change. Yet when I look back over my life, change has been the only constant, consistent thing I can count on, and generally on the other side of change was an incredible, positive experience I fought so hard to avoid. So many of the blessings I now enjoy in my life are a result of hard, uncomfortable, sometimes painful changes.

For the last year I had been telling my close friends that I wanted to do my own thing again, but I never made the change. Why? Cause it was a change. It meant I would have to dig deep to find courage to walk away. Faith to step into something that was 100% mine. Belief that the Universe would deliver everything I needed to make and sustain that change…and to live and pay my bills. (That was the biggie reason, if truth be told.)

A steady, easy paycheck and the fear of the unknown kept me locked in.

The Universe sends us signs along the way that we should be making a change but for most of us we ignore those nagging little thoughts in our minds and on our hearts. We ignore the gut-level feelings that we’re not doing what we’re supposed to. The Universe is infinitely patient–up to a point. It hates to be ignored. So it starts to take drastic measures and forces the change.

That was me….stubborn to a fault. I ignored the small nagging whispers and gut-level feelings.

So the Universe delivered one car wreck which totaled my car. Then it delivered a notice of a job lay-off. Then it delivered a couple of less-than-stellar job offers but I accepted one cause “I needed the job” and I “should be grateful for a job when so many have none.”

Within two weeks of starting the new job, I was miserable. The company’s philosophy was just so out of alignment with my core beliefs and passions. I knew it was a matter of time before something would have to change.
The Universe created the perfect recipe…the perfect environment for me to make the change to do my own thing.

Yes, I’m 100% focused on my own thing right now. And yes, I worry everyday about paying my bills. I’ve had a few sleepless nights because of it. My when I got up this morning and put some work into my new website(s), my heart sang loud enough to drown out the worries of my mind.

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