Mod 2 training weekend

I love teacher training. It’s my favorite pastime and career all rolled into one. The fresh-faced eagerness and excitement of the student turned teacher-in-training; the

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Why Purple Lotus?

Because we’re authentic. Not authentic in the all-natural, all-organic, we’re better than other brands out there. At Purple Lotus Yoga we’re real–and honest. We are

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Great expectations

Seems like expectations tend to ruin a good party. Webster says expectation is like something “that is due, reasonable or something to consider to be

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Feelin’ blue

In the last few months, I’ve had several friends who have gone through some trying times and after I repeated some similar advice to another

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Shannon with Purple Lotus Yoga
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For 20 years, I’ve helped women of all sizes and ages realize their dreams of becoming inspiring yoga teachers.

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