For many, the holiday season marks a slow-down in business and school activities. Not for me. Since I shared my last post Behind the Scenes, the flurry has continued (on top of the usual busyness this time of year brings).

This is going to be my last post for 2015 and with it I’m going to (again!) peel back the curtain and share my wins and lessons, then how I plan to move forward in 2016.

Year Review 2015

Oy, that word. Plan.

That’s how this whole she-bang started.

I thought I did a damn good job of planning. But let me get real–I do it in my head (rarely writing anything down) and then forget about it six weeks into the new year. Kind of like New Years Resolutions.

  • My biggest win: I joined an online mastermind group where I could get accountability and business guidance, and hopefully EXPAND (that was my 2015 word of the year) my biz.

I loved every moment I was part of the mastermind and the other women I met, but my year didn’t turn out exactly as I had planned.

There’s that word again.

Part of the mastermind group includes PLANNING. As in, write that shit down. Put it where you’ll see it #everydamnday. But not just broad yearly planning. We had to break down into quarters, then into monthly and weekly goals, and finally into daily tasks. I thought my head would explode the first quarter.

I had some DAMN GRAND PLANS for 2015.


Some of my GRAND PLANS did not come about.

  • My biggest lesson: The truth is I was not in the right space–literally or in my head–to make some of them a reality. There was too much of a gap between what I wanted and what I was capable of achieving. And many weeks and months of the year were spent in resistance, denial, and some “but I don’t want tos….”

I wonder where my kiddo gets it. . .

When I shared my Behind the Scenes in early October, I had begun the process of acceptance and was working on embracing the white space of life especially with the holidays around the corner. But with acceptance–the absence of resistance–came momentum, and it was like I jumped on the autobahn of meaningful productivity.

  • My biggest A-ha: Actually my big A-ha is a whole other blog post because it’s mind-blowing, and obvious, and so freaking important. As in, if you’re in business (and if you’re a yoga teacher, you’re in business) this could be a life-changer for you.

I suck. I know. But I’ll unveil it in my first post of 2016. I promise.

For now, let me share a few more wins and lessons:

  • Win AND a Lesson: I’m shifting my reality (and focus) to Purple Lotus Yoga. It’s the love of my biz life and I’m embracing it fully. If you’re a regular, you’re seeing the small tweaks that are bringing me back to my first love.
  • Lesson: I realized Southern modern zen is more of a philosophy for me. It’s the way I teach yoga, it’s the way I train teachers. It’s the foundation I use when coaching. It’s my attitude, it’s my mantra. Laid-back, realistic, adapting age-old concepts for busy, modern women.
  • Lesson: With the first two realized, I must now embark on some kriya, cleaning out the distractions, clearing out what doesn’t speak to you.
  • Win: I’ve got a list of topics to share with you, more content to create, and a couple of regular features I’m starting on the blog. Plus another avenue to share my love and knowledge with teachers.
  • Win: Consistent planning and staying on target, even when my targets needed to change.

This is in addition to expanding the teacher training offerings (Win, Win, Win).

No, I didn’t achieve all my grand plans

But I achieved a lot of my grand plans, thanks in part to having my yearly, 90-day plans (see below) and weekly tasks always where I could see them. Without the constant reminder of what I wanted, I might still be frustrated and in denial, or worse, spinning my wheels. (My apologies, I could only find 2 of my 90-day plans.)

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 2.14.39 PM

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 2.14.06 PM

I believe the planning and work I did this year set the foundation for 2016. The more solid the foundation, the stronger the structure.

So what are my honest thoughts as a Reluctant Planner?

  • I’m still reluctant, but I’ll be continuing with Yearly, 90-Day and Weekly goals because I’m ready to burn some rubber in 2016.
  • Accountability is key. Without the support of my mastermind group, I wouldn’t have gotten as far as I did.
  • I believe there are more Reluctant Planners out there who could use a little help and a little accountability.

If you want to stop spinning your wheels, create a meaningful plan for 2016 (personal, professional or both), and have accountability for setting and meeting your goals, I’m hosting a live, virtual planning party.

You’ll receive a 25-page 2016 Planning for Abundance workbook, a spot on the webinar where we’ll walk through the Planner together and create your first 90-day plan for 2016. No worries if you can’t make the live party, I’m recording it and will send it to you.

PLY Planning Block 2