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Basic Feng Shui Tips

While Feng Shui originates in China (and from Chinese translates as “wind-water”), this ancient practice shares many similarities with yoga. The basics of feng shui will help you bring more harmony and balance to your home.

As I studied the basics of Feng Shui and put its suggestions into practice, I began to think of Feng Shui as the Yoga of Space.

Feng Shui (pronounced fung-shway) refers to the idea that chi, or energy, moves through an environment via the wind and water. The practice of Feng Shui is to optimize your environment so that the energy has the best movement.

👉 In yoga, we call that energy pran (pronounced prahn) and we use breathing, postures, and other techniques to strengthen and enhance our pran.

There are different versions of Feng Shui (just like yoga) but the one I’ve read and practiced the most is known as Western Feng Shui which uses a bagua map representing different areas, or specific topics.

feng shui bagua map

In the Western Guide to Feng Shui by Terah Kathryn Collins, she describes the Bagua as “eight basic building blocks of the I Ching and each block is associated with specific ‘treasures’ in life, such as health, wealth and love.

The bagua is used to map out and enhance the energy in the home or workplace.”

bagua map outline

To determine where the eight blocks correspond in your home, draw out the footprint–including the individual rooms–of your home. Then divide your house into nine equal squares like the above illustration.

If any part of the house juts out, such as a patio or garage, include that in the overall footprint.

The front door always determines the layout of the bagua–this is where the bottom of the bagua map is situated. If you have a front door on the side of your house, then the bottom three squares (Knowledge, Career, Helpful People) would be turned to the side, same as your front door.

This is the bagua map I did for my previous home:

feng shui bagua map

I’ll go through each of the eight areas, providing a few suggested enhancements and tips, but if you’d like to really dig into working with the bagua, I’ve provided some resources at the end of this blog.

wealth and prosperity

feng shui wealth prosperityThe top left corner of the bagua map is Wealth & Prosperity and in relationship to your front door it would be the rear left section.

You can work in this area when you want to generate more cash flow, raise money for a purchase, occasion, or charity; you’d like more awareness on the flow of abundance, or more prosperity in your life.

Suggested Wealth & Prosperity Enhancements:

  • Wind chimes, wind socks, whirlygigs, and flags
  • Valuable possessions such as antiques, art, coins, crystal
  • Items in the colors of blue, purple and red (think the rich colors of royalty)
  • Healthy plants with shiny, round (coin-shaped) leaves
  • Quotes and affirmations about Wealth and Prosperity

In both my previous home and my current one, this is the master bedroom. Some enhancements I’ve done in past and present:

  • Added an altar of the many gifts (including crystals, meditation beads, statues) I’ve received through work
  • Paintings and the first pieces of art I purchased
  • Blue comforter and pillows
feng shui altar

fame and reputation

feng shui fame reputationThe top middle area of the bagua map is Fame & Reputation and is located at the back of your house.

You can work in this area when you’d like more recognition at work or home; to establish a good reputation; or be well known for something.

Suggested Fame and Reputations Enhancements:

  • Diplomas, awards, prizes
  • Posters, paintings, collages of animals, people, fire, sunshine or favorite celebrities
  • Colors in the red spectrum
  • Triangular and conical-shaped items
  • Pleasant lighting including sunlight, candles
  • Healthy plants with shiny, round (coin-shaped) leaves
  • Quotes and affirmations pertaining and Fame and Reputation

In my previous home, this area was the master bathroom, and in my current home it’s the family room and outdoor patio.

love and marriage

feng shui love marriageThe top right area of the bagua map is Love and Marriage and is located at the rear right area of your home.

If you’re looking for love or to strengthen a partnership, this is the area you want to focus. Look around your designated room. Is there space for another person or does everything scream single, single, single?

Suggested Love & Marriage Enhancements:

  • Significant other or partner–posters, paintings, photos or figures
  • Items in pairs–lovers, doves, dolphins, hearts
  • Red, pink & white colors
  • Anything that represents love & marriage to you
  • Quotes and affirmations pertaining to Love and Marriage

In my current home, this is the eat-in kitchen and laundry room. In my previous home it was the living room, and some of the enhancements I did there were:

  • We had a LOT of brown (and orange) which represents wood & fire–two elements that feed each other so I toned it down by painting (hubby did really) the fireplace wall the same color. It also allowed the mantle decorations to “pop.”
  • The large mirror helps bring in a water-type element to balance the overabundance of wood & fire.
  • Next I changed out the trunk coffee table to the fabric ottoman. The “new” coffee table brought in softness & texture to the room and has softer corners for my son who was learning to walk at the time.
  • My paired items: 2 candlesticks on the mantle, 2 lamps flanking the couch, 2 baskets under the ottoman, 2 decorative wall pieces.

children and creativity

feng shui children creativityChildren and Creativity is located on the right middle side of your home. For my house this is the kitchen.

Enhance this area when you want to get pregnant, be more creative, are creatively blocked, or you want to improve your relationship with children.

Suggested Children & Creativity Enhancements:

  • Posters, paintings, photos, figures of children, or created by children
  • Supplies for creating art, crafts
  • Whimsical toys, stuffed animals
  • Colors in white and pastel
  • Things made of brass, steel, pewter, silver, gold, copper, etc.
  • Quotes and affirmations pertaining to Children & Creativity

In both my previous and current home, this is the kitchen area.

In my current house, the kitchen was super dark with dark cabinets and countertops. My husband and I remodeled to all white cabinets, quartz marble countertops, and stainless steel appliances. This is the heart of our home and where all the kids drift to do homework and hangout.

There’s also a desk in the kitchen and I use it to hold all the kid’s crafting supplies, paints, etc. The island is extra large with plenty of space for three kids to spread out and be creative.

feng shui kitchen

helpful people and travel

feng shui helpful peopleHelpful People & Travel is located at the front right section of your structure, or on the bagua map the bottom right square.

Enhance this area when you want to attract mentors, clients, customers, colleagues; you’d like to travel or a specific destination; planning to move to a new home or work; or feel more connected to your spirituality or religious beliefs.

Suggested Helpful People & Travel Enhancements:

  • Pictures of places you’ve traveled
  • Pictures of mentors
  • Colors in white gray and black
  • Quotes and affirmations pertaining to spiritual guidance, helpful people or  travel
  • Places that are special to you in the world.


feng shui careerYour Career center is located in the bottom middle or the same side as your front door.

Enhance this area when you are looking to or changing jobs or careers; you are going from one type of work to another; or you want volunteer or do community work.

Suggested Career Enhancements:

  • Water–streams, oceans, lakes, ponds, waterfalls in pictures, posters, photos or fountains & aquariums
  • Very dark colors–black, navy blue, maroon, chocolate browns, charcoal gray
  • Randomly shaped or free-form items
  • Mirrors, glass & crystal items
  • Anything that represents career to you
  • Quotes and affirmations pertaining to Career

My husband and I had only been together a few months when I lost my corporate job. We were in the middle of building a house so I needed another job quickly in order to close on time. This was the first instance he’d seen me put Feng Shui into practice, and it came with a few eye rolls from him.

In our small apartment, the dining room corresponded to Career and I went out and bought a few items to enhance the area, and a week later when I’d secured another job (with more money), my husband was less dismissive.

Now this area gets a regular boost, and my husband usually asks me to check in this area when he’s looking to make a change or wants a promotion.

In my current house this is the entry and part of the formal dining room. In my previous home, it was also the formal dining.

What I did:

  • I added visual interest by doing some stenciling. Then I moved a small entry table (until I find a glass & swirly chrome one) onto the wall so it could display my career enhancements.
  • The pictures are in black frames & one photo is a favorite–Monaco Harbor
  • Decorative books with black & navy blue covers
  • Mirror hanging over the table (already a part of the room)
  • To the right are two art pieces that are blue & black with swirly centers
  • On the table are 2 glass candle holders
  • The small table & dining table are dark brown wood

I put some focus on the fall holidays by changing out my table centerpiece & setting the table with my beloved Grandma’s original Apple dinnerware. Not really career related but it makes me happy & that’s always important for positive energy flow.

And since according to the bagua layout of my house, the entry is also part of my career center, I included some enhancements there. **After working on this area at my previous home, two checks finally came in the mail I’d been not-so-patiently waiting for.

knowledge and cultivation

feng shui knowledgeKnowledge & Cultivation is the front left section of your home, or the bottom left area of bagua map.

Enhance this area when you are a student of any subject; you’re in counseling or in a self-growth activity; or you want to cultivate a more peaceful mind or lifestyle.

Suggested Knowledge & Cultivation Enhancements:

  • Books, tapes, and other material being currently studied
  • Posters, paintings, photos of mountains, quiet spaces, wise people
  • Colors in black, blue and green
  • Quotes and affirmations pertaining to knowledge and self-cultivation

This area is always a good place for a book shelf with your favorite books, or any of the enhancements listed in the above bullets. Bring in the colors and find some quotes, and your knowledge and cultivation area is good to go

health and family

feng shui health happinessHealth & Family is located in the left center area of the map or the middle left of your home.

Enhance this area when your health needs a boost; planning or recovering from surgery; want a relationship with your family to improve, or want your social life or “family of choice” to grow.

Suggested Health & Family Enhancements:

  • Healthy plants of all kinds
  • Fresh cut flowers in all kinds
  • Posters, paintings and photos of ideal body images, family and friends, plants and flowers
  • Items in blue and green
  • All things made of wood
  • Quotes and affirmations pertaining to Health and Family

This is one area that’s always good to keep up-to-date because who likes being unhealthy as well as family being an important focus in many of our lives.

feng shui resources

Learn more about Feng Shui 👇 



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