Audio guided meditations to
get you feeling relaxed and happy

Guided meditations are one of the best (and simplest) ways to get started with meditation.

The participant finds a comfortable position and listens as a “guide” leads them through imagery that invokes peace and relaxation. 

You can find guided meditations that are only a couple of minutes long to an hour or more.

I am meditation

When you need a quick pick me up, this 3-minute affirmation audio meditation will do the trick.

spring day audio meditation
spring day

Spring is about renewal. Plants and trees sprout vivid green leaves, and flowers bloom in a rainbow of colors.

Let this 6-minute spring day audio meditation renew and restore your mind and body.

day at the beach

Beaches are my favorite getaway spot. The one place I know I can relax fully and completely. Let yourself drift to your own favorite beach destination with this 11-minute guided meditation.

day at the beach audio meditation

When you get UnHooked you find freedom. Let this 15-minute audio guided meditation encourage you to let go and let your imagination take you on a journey.