5 toxic people you need to release from your life

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5 Toxic People to Release in Your Life

When you practice yoga, your awareness increases, you enjoy more present moments. Conversely, you also become aware when situations, including humans, drain your energy, and you realize you may need to purge those toxic people from your life.

Whether it’s clutter in your home, a bad habit you want to drop, or the annoying client who pays well, letting go kicks our asses.  And if it’s a person you wish to abolish, multiply the ass-kicking by 20. A once-close friend or family member? Multiply by 100.

Not sure if someone needs to be released? If they fall into one of the five categories outlined in the video (and in the transcript below), it’s time to say buh-bye.

Prefer videos? Watch 5 Toxic People to Eliminate from Your Life.

5 toxic people to cut from your life

One of the things about yoga that I love is all of the awareness that it brings into your life. You just really become connected to the world around you. You become connected to what brings you contentment, satisfaction, happiness.

But sometimes that awareness can feel like a burden. Especially when it comes time to let go of relationships.

Sometimes it’s easier for us to get rid of the things, the material possessions cluttering up our lives. But people cluttering up our lives, or no longer serving us, or relationships that just don’t have the same meaning that they use to are hard to let go of.

(Need some guidance on severing those ties, check out the 7 tips from Trading Average.)

#1 energy stealer

You know, the one when you see their number pop up on your phone, and you just go:  “Ugh, it’s that person again. I don’t have the energy to talk to her today. I need to talk to her later when I’m done with everything.”

When you have an internal feeling of your energy being drained by talking to somebody, or meeting with them, that is an “energy stealer”, and you want to make sure that you keep the energy for yourself.

#2 drama queen

There’s probably a chance, that as we talk about these five people, you might have been that person at one time. I know I’ve certainly been a Drama Queen in my life a time or two, or three, or four or five.

The Drama Queen requires all the attention when she walks into the room. It’s all about her. She talks a little bit louder and laughs a little louder.

During conversations she always manages to bring it back to her. And whatever you might be sharing with her, she wants to “one up” you.  And it seems like things are always happening to her that she just has to share and tell you.

#3 drampire

This is a combination of that Energy Stealer and Drama Queen.  This person not only needs all the attention but she steals your energy too. She just sucks the life out of you.

#4 dream stealer

All five types of toxic people drain your energy, but if you’re not careful the dream stealer zaps your creativity and confidence too.

And I’m not talking about somebody, you tell them what you want to do, you’re thinking about doing, and then they go in and steal that idea. That’s pretty crappy too. But the real Dream Stealer tells you in just the right way, dressed up in pretty packaging, how your idea won’t work.

You believe them, think “maybe that’s not such a good idea,” and your once burgeoning dreams explodes.

Now what’s tough about these first four, is that sometimes they can be really close friends, or they can be family members. If so, you’re going to have work extra hard to figure out how to let go of, or detach from, the unhealthy relationships.

Unhealthy relationships exist in families–mother, father, siblings. Even your best friend, someone you’ve been friends with for 10-15-20 years. Those close bonds will be more challenging to gain distance, but you’ll also gain contentment when you’re not drawn into unnecessary drama.

#5 inner critic

For me, my inner critic can be the most toxic of all.

She seems to always be chattering up a storm and she’s a bitch to silence because she’s intertwined with my ego. When this happens, I find it helpful to “step back” from places where I unfairly compare myself to others.

Like social media and the internet.

All five of these “toxic” people need to be released in your life so you can have more energy for your own healing. The first severing is the hardest, like eating a frog whole. But once it’s done, it’s done, and the next one becomes a tiny bit easier.

When you free up your energetic space, then you can surround yourself with people who support you and love you unconditionally.

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cut these 5 types of people from your life
5 types of toxic people to cut out of your life
5 toxic people to cut from your life now

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