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5 Day Free Kriya Yoga Challenge

In case you missed the 5-day free kriya yoga challenge in the Facebook group or on Instagram, I’m also sharing it on the blog.

In case you missed my previous blogs on kriya yoga, you can check them out here:

I recommend reading through each day, but resist the temptation to tackle all the kriya yoga challenges at once.

👉 That’s a good way to get overwhelmed with decluttering projects.


Did you know there’s neuroscience 🧠 behind eliminating clutter?⁣ Our brains like order and visual reminders of disorganization drain our cognitive resources.⁣

That’s a fancy way of saying your brain uses more energy when it has to process clutter.

Cluttered spaces reduce:

🤯 Your working memory

😶‍🌫️ Ability to process information

🧠 Productivity

😴 Quality sleep

Yoga Sutras 2.12-2.14 define kriya yoga as the process we use to burn out the seeds of karma and are united with out true selves.

There are three stages: impurities, self-study, and letting go, and the kriya yoga challenge gives you the opportunity to implement this ancient practice in a modern way.

I have three tips before you dive in.

  1. You can’t organize clutter. If it’s not a “Hell, Yes,” then it goes in the No/Get Rid of It pile.
  2. Small steps. Tackle one project at a time. Work in 15-20 minute increments to avoid overwhelm.
  3. Savor the sensation of a completed task. This will give the confidence (and energy) to do the next project.

day 1 — clean off your desk

In Day 1 of the kriya yoga challenge is Clean Off Your Desk.

(Did you know there’s a national day for this?)

If your desk is already neat and tidy, work on your email inbox. Start by unsubscribing, then organize the emails you need into folders for easy access.

free kriya yoga challenge day 1

day 2 — Clean out your purse

On Day 2 it’s in your bag, or rather, out of it. . .

Grab your purse, and get it cleaned out and organized!

What doesn’t need to be there? What is weighing down your bag that can be tossed? Did you know the more loose change you carry, the heavier it makes your wallet and purse?

Remember: your purse is not luggage. You don’t need every single item, every single day. You can change out items depending on where you need to go on any given day.

Pare down your purse and its contents to only the essentials.

Your shoulders will thank you for it.

day 3 — clean off your nightstand

Your nightstand can get bogged down with more non-essential items than important ones. We like to make sure we have everything we might need but usually creates a bigger problem than it solves.

What have you stashed behind closed doors? How many books have you stuffed into it? 

I like a functional and pretty nightstand and use trays to keep items neat and contained. 

free kriya yoga challenge day 3

day 4 — Clean out your car

On Day 4, you’re focusing on your Home on Wheels. . .please select from the following packages: 

  • Express Clean: Throw away the trash. Take out the toys, mail, magazines, and anything that doesn’t belong in the car. Remember the glove compartment, console + trunk.
  • The Works: Express Clean + wipe off the dusty and sticky places.
  • The Deluxe: The Works + vacuum out the crumbs and wipe off the hand prints or wet nose smudges from the windows.
  • The Super Saver: Express Clean + take a trip to your local full service car wash.

And remember:

  • Never Drink + Drive.
  • Never Drive + Text.
  • Never Drink + Text.

day 5 — tackle your hot spot

Day 5 wraps up this week’s Kriya challenge.

Today you’re cleaning up + clearing out your Hot Spot.

We all have that one spot in our house that no matter how many times you clean + clear within days (or even hours) it feels out of control again.

In my house, the Hot Spot is the kitchen island.

Our kitchen island is huge and seems to scream, “I can hold anything and everything!” and often does. Sometimes it feels like all I’m doing is putting out the Hot Spot in my house.

free kriya yoga challenge day 5

FINAL TIPS FOR kriya yoga challenge

The first step in making any type of change is awareness, and that’s simply what you’re practicing now: conscious awareness of what so often is a mindless choice made out of habit.

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how yoga can help you clear clutter
5 day free kriya yoga challenge
5 days to less clutter with kriya yoga

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