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Here in the US, we’re celebrating Thanksgiving–a time for feasting, remembering, spending time with family and giving thanks. I’m at home baking and spending time with my munchkin, so I’m reposting a blog I did last year about gratitude, and adding THAT to my gratitude list…

Less fuss, less worry, less work

Here are FOUR ways to express gratitude regardless if you live in the U.S. and celebrate Thanksgiving, or live elsewhere and celebrate that it’s the fourth Thursday of the month 🙂

#1 Create an affirmation or mantra

One of the first mantras I ever learned and practiced regularly was: “I am grateful for all that I have received. I am grateful for all that I am receiving. I am grateful for all that I will receive.”

It’s still one of my go-to affirmations when I meditate. I love how I feel after repeating it for several minutes. It completely changes my mindset and therefore my energy.

Feel free to borrow my favorite or create one of your own.

#2 List 5 things daily or weekly

Every night before you go to sleep, list five things you are grateful for that day.

I was first introduced to the concept when Oprah Winfrey interviewed Sarah Ban Breathnach about abundance. Sarah’s answer to having more abundance in one’s life was to have more gratitude.

You can also adapt #2 into a Gratitude Rampage where you set your timer for three minutes and get busy writing out your gratitudes until the buzzer goes off.

Get a Gratitude Page from the Resource Library and on Sunday evening list out all your blessings for the previous week.


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#3 Tell 5 people THANK YOU

When I frequent Chik-fil-A (for their delicious, warm gooey chocolate chip cookies), I’m always impressed by their customer service. So many please and thank yous. So many, “my pleasure,” responses.

I’m the one who says ‘thank you’ each and every time the waiter provides a service. Even though it’s the waiter’s “job” I can still be appreciative of the job he’s doing. This is such a genuine habit for me that on the rare occasion I don’t thank my waiter, hubby asks me if I’m okay.

Frankly I think a lot of bosses could adopt this method. Employees love to be appreciated. Hell, everyone loves to be appreciated. Rita Davenport, a professional speaker, says, “People work harder for praises, not raises.”

Shower your appreciation on 5 unsuspecting recipients.

#4 Leave a “LOVE” note

Take a page from Alexandra Franzen’s book. Literally.

In her book 50 Ways to Say You’re Awesome she’s created a simple, yet creative, way for you to show your love and gratitude to others. Whether it’s a note tucked into a library book that a stranger will receive, or a compliment left for a co-worker, she’s got you covered.

BOOM! Brilliance strikes again.”

Tear it out and share your appreciation with others.

Research supports gratitude

The practice of gratitude helps me to feel content and safe. When I can pause to look around and see that everything is as it should be, and everything’s in its place, my worries fly out the door.

I know gratitude works because I feel differently when I do it.

BUT if you need a little extra encouragement, Check out this infographic.

Finally, I’m thankful for all of YOU. Who read my blogs again and again, who comment and make me feel less like an island and more like a part of a community.

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